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Want to become a H2O Workouts® certified Instructor?

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Become an H2O Workouts® Instructor today!

Choose from on-site or home study certification.

Your onsite certification includes manual and certificate.

Your home study certification includes manual, dvd, final exam and certificate.

Certification offers you the credential and knowledge that students look for in an instructor. We are here to help you provide your clients with the best safe and effective workout that you can give them.

Cost of Certification is only $69.99 for Home Study and $129 when taken in person. Certification is good for two years.

Certification renewals are only $60 for every two years.

We will help keep you up to date on the latest information in the aquatic industry.

While you don't need your CPR certification to take this course, but we do encourage you to attend a CPR class before teaching your own classes.  Also, you will need proof of taking a CPR class (even if it is online) before renewing with us in the future.

Renewals are done every two years from the year on your certificate. Cost of recertification is only $20 with 12 continuing education courses. You may attend any courses that offer ce hours in the health and fitness industry. Remember that at least three (3) of those 12 ce totals must be from a H2O Workout® video (or class) listed below. You must have your CPR certification in order to renew.


Each Video below is worth 3 continuing education credits:

  • H2O Workouts® using your Pool Noodle I video
  • H2O Workouts® using your Pool Noodle II video
  • H2O Workouts®: Basic Moves video
  • H2O Workouts®: Basic Moves II video
  • H2O Workouts®: Pool Ball Fun video
  • H2O Workouts®: Pretzel video
  • H2O Workouts®: Half Noodle video
  • H2O Workouts®: Basic Pool Step

Coming Soon:

  • H2O Workouts®: Water Pregnancy 
  • H2O Workouts®: Water Qigong
  • H2O Workouts®: Water for Balance
  • H2O Workouts®: Water Ballet
  • H2O Workouts®: Water Yoga
  • more

Water Exercises

The Great Equalizer.

Thanks to the buoyancy of water, the human body is supported and the joints are protected in the water exercise class. And yet, you can still receive a wonderful workout using the water's natural resistance to movement.

These movements can be slight or they can be intense and both depend upon the type of aerobic condition you are in and the type of workout you want.

When I have taught some of my water aerobic classes I had students say, "I never would have believed you can sweat doing water aerobics---until I took your class." That was a compliment since I was trying to show the class that they had control over how hard (or easy) their workouts could be just by increasing (or decreasing) speed, leverage, and intensity.

From day to day our bodies and our moods change, so too should your workout to honor the place that you are in. In the water, you can adjust your workout to suit your spirits (and pain level) for that day. Even simply walking from one side of the pool to other is better than sitting in a chair and moaning.

You can even play some of your favorite upbeat music and dance in the water. Any movement can increase your endorphins, metabolism and raise your spirits. So move!!!

So dip your tootsies into a warm pool of water and enjoy the results.

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